Timesheet & Task Management

Why Choose Task and Timesheet Management System

The Beehive HRMS has a dedicated Task and Timesheet Management System that makes the most of the power of computing, automating the entire timesheet process so that a huge amount of time and money can be saved.

This is one of the most powerful modules in the current market, and is very useful indeed for businesses of any size, especially those that work with a lot of time-sensitive projects.

Beehive’s simple yet Powerful HCM Solution and HRMS Solution allows you to handle your resources with ease.

Customer Directory

Organize / create your valued customer directory, treat them as they are a profit centers for your business

Resource allocation

Allocation of resources to various customer projects and track the movements and task details.


Pay-out is integrated define rates in the system, system will automatically calculate the payment figures and give you fastest turn around.


Get the actual insights of ongoing projects and resource allocation, cost. Custom MIS and analytics reports will enable to figure out the resource cost.

Beehive’s Incredible features making HR Simpler, Safer and Stronger