Social HR System

Why Choose Social HR System

Beehive has a knack for developing HRMS with integrated social media technology and features that are fully compliant with regulations anywhere. .

The Social HR System is strategic and flexible, allowing for the ultimate online experience with billions of prospective employees around the world.

Beehive’s simple yet Powerful HCM Solution and HRMS Solution allows you to handle your resources with ease.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your HCM with social media platform, stay connected with them caused increased engagement with organization and branding

Share happenings

Share current happenings on HCM platform, your followers will be notified across the globe; get a brand new platform to share news.n the GO

Invite employees

Organize events, ask for collaboration, share success stories all with single platform.


Connect with your employees, customers, followers, and to all across globe with Beehives social HR platform.

Beehive’s Incredible features making HR Simpler, Safer and Stronger