Recruitment Management System

Why Choose Recruitment Management System

Beehive has a very streamlined Recruitment Management System for the HRMS that we offer to our clients.

It is a comprehensive software module that supports the hiring process from start to finish./p>

Beehive’s simple yet Powerful HCM Solution and HRMS Solution allows you to handle your resources with ease.

Requisition Management

Manpower requisition with approval, department heads can submit manpower requisition request and processed with approval workflow.

Job Portals

Easy integration with job portals so no more worries with respect to resume sourcing, seamless integration will highlight related resumes automatically.

Interview Management

Interview scheduling, coordinating with interviewers and candidates will be automated with easy workflow configuration and alerts mechanism.


Interviewer feedback will be a centralize data repository for all interview panel members, each one can have a dedicated window to review the candidate.

Beehive’s Incredible features making HR Simpler, Safer and Stronger