Employee Onboarding Software

Why Choose Employee On-boarding Software

Beehive Software has a powerful Employee On-boardin System in their HRMS that ensures new hires don’t feel like “the new kid” on their first day. It makes sure that they fit right in and are absorbed into the workforce fast, smoothly and efficiently.

The powerful features of the Beehive employee onboarding HRMS modules are sure to make your recruitment and onboarding process faster and cheaper.

Beehive’s simple yet Powerful HCM Solution and HRMS Solution allows you to handle your resources with ease.


Give excellent experience to employee on day one with automated on-boarding platform


Employee can himself go and provide all required information with maker and checker facility


Create checklist and publish- employees can upload their qualification /professional certificates online through Beehive HCM


Employee information is very much crucial for any organization, get actual and accurate employee information will eliminate future risks.

Beehive’s Incredible features making HR Simpler, Safer and Stronger