Employee Document Sharing

Why Choose Us

The HRMS offered by Beehive Software has a very unique Documents Management Software. It is one of the most interconnected on the market right now.

Just like the introduction of HRMS revolutionized how HR departments worked, the document sharing on Beehive’s HRMS hopes to change the world of online file sharing and storage for a long time in the future.

Beehive’s simple yet Powerful HCM Solution and HRMS Solution allows you to handle your resources with ease.


Define entitlements for various types of expenses based on employee status / grade / designation etc

Documents Tracking

Claims, expense documents submission is online, employees can submit and approve the expense claims on the GO


Claims Reimbursement Software pay-out is integrated with payroll. With effect OR without effecting on CTC and tax calculation.


Rule based and workflow based claim approval process eliminates the transactional overheads from the finance team.

Beehive’s Incredible features making HR Simpler, Safer and Stronger