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A Human Resource Management System or HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is a form of HR software that combines a number of systems and processes to ensure the easy management of a business's employees and data. Human Resources Software is used by businesses to combine a number of necessary HR functions, such as storing employee data, managing payrolls, recruitment processes, benefits administration and keeping track of attendance records. It ensures everyday Human Resources processes are manageable and easy to access.

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Beehive is fully committed to delivering an excellent level of service while providing highly flexible, people-oriented solutions that vastly improve HCM strategy execution, in turn driving all of the critical HR processes for a company.

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Our solutions meet your future HR needs. We’ve got the best solutionsto suit your business needs, even if its a startup or a multinational!

Our HCM Solution offers complete set of HR modules.

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Beehive Software Services, is a company that helps companies focus on their most important asset: the employees by delivering the most advanced HR software solutions, built to manage the entire employee life cycle within an organization.

  • Talent acquisition Automation
  • Employee On-Boardingr
  • Extended Employee Profile
  • Leave Management
  • Documents Management
  • Robust Roster Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Travel & Expense Management
  • Time-sheet & Task And Employee On-boarding
  • By integrating learning and performance management, organizations can effectively identify workforce trends in a more predictive manner, target organizational capability gaps and build effective training programs that are directly aligned to business needs and goals. Effective convergence of learning and performance management creates an opportunity to diagnose and bridge the gaps.
    HR Software, Performance Management System
  • While it is important to reward the superstars in your organization, it is also important to acknowledge that there are bound to be certain under performers too. Well, under performers not only fail to meet their own objectives, but also have the potential to bring the performance of the entire team down.
    |Employee Development, General HR, HR Challenges
  • Formal appraisals have a huge impact on how motivated and productive their employees are. The sooner employers recognize that, the better the performance of the organization as a whole will be. However, 72% of the organizations conduct formal appraisals only once a year. Formal performance appraisals could be beneficial to both the employer and employee.
    General HR, HR Challenges, HR Software

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